I’m a full-time wedding photographer currently based out of Cape Town, South Africa. I love traveling, coffee, all dogs, and pretty much anything that takes me outside. I’m married to the kindest and best person I’ve ever met, Elle. Together we shoot weddings (she captures beautiful little moments), hike, cook, and eat tons of korean food. We also have two boys, Hunter & Ryder who are the light of our lives (along with our scotty Winston of course).

6 things about me

1. You will always see me laughing or smiling
2. I’m a bit of a coffee snob
3. I live for the mountains and ocean, anything outdoors!
4. I finished the Cape Town Cycle tour on a fixed gear bike, twice.
5. I really don’t like balloons!
6. Family is the most important thing to me.




Do you travel for weddings?

Yes! I am a destination wedding photographer and travel all over the world to document weddings.

Do you do portraits and family group photos?

Yep! We love to approach weddings with a documentary style. To capture the real, raw and authentic. Weddings are one of the only times where all your family and friends are together in one place. So of course we do family group photos. We usually do this during the canapé hour

How many photographs will I receive?

You will receive between 500 - 800 high-res photographs. Which will be professionally edited. We do not limit you on the number of photographs we capture on the day (as we primarily focus on documentary photographs)

Can I get the RAW files?

We never ever hand over RAW files. This is the equivalent of asking a chef to give the ingredients so that you can cook your meal yourself. You hire us because you love our style and want a complete product. Handing over RAW files would be like delivery a half baked cake.

How long will it take to get our photographs?

Our turnaround time is generally around 6 - 8 weeks. This can be longer in peak periods and if you have ordered a fine art wedding book of your wedding day.

Can you take group shots at the table?

We are pretty flexible with most things, but table shots are the worst! If we are focussing on getting these shots, we are going to miss all the real moments happening, and that's what you're hiring us to capture after all. We suggest that you hire a photo-booth if you'd like to get group photos of all your guests. This is a lot more fun and the photographs will look so much better!

Can you photoshop me? Make me look thinner!

We aim to capture the real, raw and authentic. We capture your wedding day as it is, without being fake. We will of course touch up small pimples and blemishes which you don't usually have, but you might have gotten on your day.

My uncle / friend / cousin is a hobbyist photographer, can they follow you around?

We don't mind your family and friends taking photographs on your special day, but we do mind if they follow us around taking shots over our shoulders. It's distracting, and let's be honest, a bit creepy!

I want an unplugged wedding ceremony, do you do those?

Yes!!! There is nothing more we love than an unplugged ceremony. That way your guests can enjoy the moment rather than looking at their phone or iPad. We send you an online gallery to share with your friends and family, so you can assure them that they will be able to see plenty of beautiful photographs from your wedding day.

What gear do you shoot with?

We shoot with professional cameras and have backups. We are always changing our gear to suit our needs. At the moment I shoot with a Nikon D750 and Elle shoots with a Fujifilm x-t2.

How do you make sure you backup our wedding photographs?

We shoot with professional cameras which have dual card slots, so when we shoot, we shoot to the main card as well as a backup card. Right after your wedding, all your photographs get backed up onto our iMac as well as to two external harddrives. We make sure that your memories are safe! We will also keep backups of your photographs up to a year from your wedding date.

I have a dark skin tone, will you be able to edit my skin tone perfectly?

Yes, I take pride in focussing on getting your skin tone right when editing. No grey skin here :)

We love your work, how do we book you?

Simple, head over to the contact page. Fill it out and we can then meet for coffee to see if we are a good match! 50% booking deposit secures your wedding date. We only take on a limited number of weddings a year so we can give each couple a unique experience.

What time should we plan our couple shoot?

The best light for your couple shoot on your wedding day will be around 45 minutes before sunset. I highly recommend planning your wedding day timeline around that, so we can capture the best light for you.