a wedding photographers reviewFujifilm xt-2

// Shot with Fuji x100T in macro mode

I’ve been a Fuji user for a while now. I first fell in love with these cameras when I bought the Fuji x100s, since then I’ve been really lucky to test out every single one of Fujis other cameras. A big thank you to the guys at Fujifilm SA for always organizing test units for me (a big reason I love Fujifilm is because they care about the community).

Okay enough babbling, onto the review. I received a shiny new xt-2 with the 35mm f2 and 56mm 1.2 lenses as well as a battery grip (more on that later) to test. I had a wedding that I was shooting a few weekends ago, so i decided to leave my Canon cameras behind and only use the Fujis at this wedding.

I am actually blown away by the quality of Fuji, this wedding was the reason I decided to switch over to Fuji and I am in the process of selling off my Canon gear and building up a Fuji kit.

So What’s new?

The new Fujifilm xt-2 doesn’t look too different to it’s predecessor, which is a good thing. I loved the design of the xt-1. What they did do in the xt-2, was take something good, and made it great!

The new features that I personally love in the xt-2 are:

  • The ISO dial (yes, the xt-1 had one, but it was nowhere near as nice as the xt-2. No longer do you have to push in a tiny button and move the dial at the same time. You can now lock/unlock the dial to use as you want.) Plus ISO now goes up to 12 800!
  • The new x-trans 3 sensor and processor! (This makes the camera as fast, if not faster than a DSLR). Focussing is lightning fast and the images from the 24mp sensor look gorgeous!
  • The flippy-tilty screen now flips out for portrait orientation, which is amazing!
  • Dual card slots (super super awesome)
  • AF Joystick (just like the x-pro2, there is now a joystick to pick your AF point. Super useful!)
  • Low light – the low light from the new sensor has improved and you can now shoot up to 12 800 and it still looks decent
  • The shutter doesn’t black out for as long as it does on the xt-1.
  • 4k video (I only tried the video out a few times, but it looks really good)

Things that I don’t love:

  • The price 🙁
  • Battery life is still terrible. Hopefully one day, mirrorless cameras will be able to last as long as my DSLRs
  • Battery Grip (this is actually optional so I wouldn’t recommend you buy it, unless you’re wanting to do video work. It just makes the camera so big.)

Perfect For Wedding Photography

I loved using this camera for my wedding photography. It’s a compact, light and takes excellent images. At weddings, I like to blend in and I take a lot of photojournalistic shots so the camera really helped me get these shots. The shutter is very quiet which helps when shooting intimate moments, like the first look at weddings or at ceremonies.

I loved the flippy-tilty screen. I never thought I would like it, but it’s really great, and helps in capturing some unique angles.

The build quality is tank like, it feels like it could take a beating. I also love the fact that it’s weather sealed, I paired it with the 35mm f2 weather sealed lens and shot in the rain and it was perfectly fine.

Final Thoughts

The xt-2 took everything I threw at it and more. It was perfect for everything I needed to capture at a wedding. Not once did I miss my Canon 5D DSLR. Here’s a few photos from the wedding which I shot 100% Fujifilm with.

Gear Used

I used the Fuji xt-2 with 35 f2 and 56 1.2 lenses and the x100T.