Shannon & Geoff


I’ve been struggling to put into words how much I recommend Dillon as a photographer, and especially as a Wedding Storyteller, so buckle up for the all-over-the-place ramblings of an extremely appreciative bride <3

Dillon has been documenting our marriage since the very beginning, and it has been an incredible experience from the very start! We did our engagement shoot, and two small elopement shoots. I say "shoots" but they were honestly some of the best days of our lives.
I don't think I need to go into much detail about how all the photos are stunning as they speak for themselves 😉 and every time we've gotten photos back from Dil, we've been in tears re-living and laughing about those moments. Especially the little, real moments, which he does a fantastic job of capturing!!
In terms of comfort and structure during the shoots – nothing ever felt like we were being "photographed" if that makes sense, for the most part every time was just a whole lot of FUN.
My biggest praise and thanks to Dillon is for his organisational and planning expertise, though! Geoff and Dil pulled off the most wonderful secret wedding surprise right under my nose (!). Dillon planned organised the venue for us and was even mini-wedding coordinating more surprises right in the middle of shooting!! (i still had no idea :p).
When we had to cancel our wedding due to Covid, we had no idea what to do, how to handle it, where to go from there… and Dillon just had the most wonderful and fitting ideas for us! To say that we've been blown away (again & again) would be an understatement.

There are so, so many things that we are thankful for and in awe of, but I do feel like I should wrap this up now haha!
SO! In closing – If you've fallen in love with Dillon's photos and you're here checking reviews because you aren't quite sure yet, I'm here to say that our personal experience has been wonderful, from start to finish (maybe not finished if we fit into our wedding outfits for long enough for a few more shoots;)) and we recommend him 100%!!

10/10, 5 stars and all that good stuff 😀 <3

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