A series of wine portraitsTipsy Portraits

tipsy portrait lynne

I found a project online by photographer Marcos Alberti, who started a fun tipsy portrait project, capturing photographs of his friends drinking wine, from 0 glasses, to 3 glasses of wine.

I fell in love with the idea so I thought I’d do my own.

Top left: 0 glasses
Top right: 1 glass
Bottom left: 2 glasses
Bottom right: 3 glasses of wine!

I had so much fun creating these images. This is a continuing series & I’ll be adding more portraits every few weeks.

For the photographers

I captured these photographs with a Canon 6D and Sigma 35mm art lens (probably my favourite lens at the moment). For lighting I used some remote triggers and 1 off camera flash shot through a soft box positioned to camera left.


ayanda wine portrait square


tipsy portrait dillon take 2


tipsy portrait kele


tipsy portrait lynne