Camera geekeryWhat’s in my bag?

Dillon Kin Photography camera gear

I haven’t done a “what’s in my bag” in a long time. Since starting my career 4 years ago, I’ve used mainly Canon. I got stuck into the Fuji world when I bought my first Fuji camera (the X100S). I bought the camera more for personal use and took it with me to Thailand. The camera is a marvel and takes incredible photos!

I loved the x100s so much that I sold it and upgraded to the x100t. For a while I was shooting with both my Canon gear and the x100t at weddings. I wasn’t 100% sold, but after shooting a wedding (Chan & Jen) using exclusively the x-t2 paired with the 35mm f2 and 56mm 1.2.

Okay. So on to what gear I use.


I’m not going to go into too much detail here, I might write another blog post with more details on the below camera bodies, but this is just a brief overview of what I use and why.

Fujifilm x-pro 2

This is a new addition to my bag and I absolutely love it! I love the rangefinder form and the hybrid viewfinder. I use this camera a lot for documentary style shots paired with a 23mm lens. The body is fully weather sealed and has dual card slots! This is my main camera, and I use it for all of my personal photographs as well.

Fujifilm x-t2

I used the x-t1 for a while but decided to upgrade to the x-t2 for various reasons: dual card slots (brilliant for backups), super fast AF, no black out shutter, and mainly for the low light. This thing is a beast and I often shoot all the way up to 12 800 ISO. Of course, you will get a bit of grain at that ISO, but the Fuji’s grain is beautiful. It has a very film like quality to it.

Just to mention, that both the x-t2 and the x-pro have exactly the same sensor and processor, so I get the exact same images from both. They are just different in form factory and I use both for different situations. The AF is blazing fast in both cameras, a huge upgrade over the x-t1 and x-pro1!

Canon EOS 1

This is my main film body, when I’m shooting film. I used to have a Mamiya 645 but that was just too big and slow for weddings. The Canon EOS 1 is perfect. It’s a nice size and works well. It has autofocus and everything you would expect from a modern day SLR. This version only has one AF point, but I use center point with back button focus anyway. I use either Portra 400 or Fuji 400 for my colour work and mostly Ilford 400 or 3200 for my black and white work. I will use Acros occasionally.

Canon FT

This is my personal film camera, it’s very old and very slow. There is just something nice about using this.


Over the years, I have used a lot of different lenses and have narrowed down my favourites which fit my style of shooting. I used the same equivalent focal length lenses when I was shooting Canon.

Fujifilm 35mm f1.4

This was one of Fujis first primes and a very well loved on by many photographers. And for good reason! This lens has a special quality to it that none of the other lenses have. It might be a slower than some of the newer lenses, but with the new bodies, it is fast and works well. The only thing I don’t like is the noise it makes when focussing (sounds like grinding gears).

I use this lens a lot for portrait work. This has an equivalent of 50mm on full frame (a focal length I’ve always had a soft spot for). I do use this lens less and less these days.

Fujifilm 23mm f1.4 (my all time favourite Fuji lens)

For the past 2 years I’ve fallen in love with the 35mm focal length. I love shooting in a documentary style capturing real moments and the 35mm is perfect for that, it’s not too wide and not too zoomed. It’s perfect for telling stories and really pulls you into the photograph.

The Fuji 23mm 1.4 is fast to focus, has beautiful bokeh wide open and is just insanely sharp! Just as good as the L red ring or Gold ring 35mm’s from Canon and Nikon.

I use this lens about 90% of the time at weddings. And I could probably shoot an entire wedding with just this one lens if I had to.

Fujifilm 56mm f1.2 (the bokeh king)

This was the first lens I bought for Fuji when I switched systems. I love the 85mm focal length (this is equivlant to 85 on full frame). it’s not too zoomed in, I use this lens a lot for moments where I don’t want to get in too close (during the ceremony and other moments). I love using this lens for portraits as well. I use this more than the 35mm 1.4 these days.

I shoot wide open nearly 90% of the time with this lens. The bokeh at f1.2 is beautiful and the lens is ultra sharp! The lens handles CC well but is very prone to lens flaring (I hate lens hoods because they are so massive and I moved to Fuji for the compact size, so I don’t use a lens hood. I like the look of the flare though!)

The weather sealed duo

I bought these 2 lenses because I wanted something water resistant for moments when I need to shoot in rain or any conditions really.

Fujifilm 23mm f2 WR

This lens is fantastic! The size is perfect for my x-pro2 and is permanently glued to the camera. It has a super compact size, is weather sealed and shoots sharp images. The bokeh is nice and the best part is that the focussing motor is completely silent.

I use this lens a lot of personal work, and sometimes at weddings if the weather turns bad. I used this 90% of the time at a surprise proposal I photographed hiking up Table Mountain.

Fujifilm 35mm f2 WR

This lens has an equivalent focal length of 50mm on full frame, which is perfect for portrait shots. I do prefer the 35mm equivalent these days, so I do use this less. Mostly when I’m wanting to shoot a few portraits on the go. It’s nice for personal work and makes a beautiful combo with the 23mm f2 if the weather is bad and I need to shoot.

Canon 50mm f1.4

This is the only modern Canon lens I have and use. It’s the perfect focal length to use on my film camera to capture everything, from moments, to details and portraits. The build quality is not great, but the images it creates is fantastic!

Other Things

Ona Bowery canvas

I bought this bag earlier this year and love it so much! It’s pretty to look at and fits my compact Fuji gear perfectly. It’s well padded and I can carry 2 bodies and 3 lenses in it with no issue. I also carry about 4 extra batteries in the bag along with a lenspen lens cleaner and a USB for the times I need it.

Bellfield leather shoes

These are my all time favourite wedding shoes. I wear them to nearly every wedding I photograph. They are super stylish and super comfy with a nylon sole.

Holdfast duck canvas strap

I use this mostly for the Canon EOS 1 film camera. The camera is a bit bigger than my mirrorless gear so this strap is perfect for it.